Hangars & Office Space

Our facility offers three types of hangars

Shade Hangars: Open air covered hangars for small single engine and twin engine airplanes.

Group Hangar: Shared hangar for different types of aircraft (singles, twins, small turboprops & jets).

Individual Hangars: Private hangars for large piston, turboprop and jet aircraft. A number of our individual hangars have private offices build into them.

For more information on hangar availability and pricing please call Dolphin Aviation Customer Service.

Office Space

The Dolphin Aviation facility at the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport offers an ideal location to base your aviation related business.

We have many different types of offices inside or attached to our facility which are offered at competitive lease rates.

Please see the amenities page for a partial listing of companies already located at our facility.

For more information on office space availability and lease rates please contact our Customer Service department.